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    Pressure Lab

    Launch a rocket and observe the chemical reactions! Learn about acids, bases, chemical reactions, air pressure and thrust with this Pressure Lab Adventure Kit. Mix everyday ingredients to make foam.
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    Proverbs In Action Book 1

    $8.65 $5.00
    Do you know that Proverbs are NOT Idioms? Aha...there you go! There are a few differences between them. But how far do you know them?
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    Railroads to Superhighways

    With the first railroad, the world’s axis shifted along with it. Since then, revolutionary ideas have changed the way we live, work, play and connect with one another. The Internet of Everything today is set against many strange but true stories that paved the way for how we do things.
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    Rock Stars Kit (Scholastic Ready...

    An exciting new way for kids to learn about Earth science! This kit for curious minds includes six collectible rock samples, including pumice, ruby, and quartz, among others, plus fascinating facts about each. A perfect, interactive introduction to STEM.
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    Rocket Ball Workshop

    The Rocket Ball seems to break the laws of science. Make a hyper launcher, hyper chute, weird bouncing stick, and much more.
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    Fancy your child having one different book to read EVERY DAY? You would need the SCHOLASTIC EVERYDAY BOOK BOX SET - perfect for your library. With 50 different titles per box, each Everyday Book Box includes fiction and non-fiction titles for independent reading and developing fluency. Brightly coloured illustrations and photographs help students develop vocabulary and build comprehension skills, while nurturing the love for reading.
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