N1: 3 Years Old

N1: 3 Years Old

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Book packs specially curated based on MOE-recommended Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework for preschoolers.

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Product Description

Books are curated based on MOE-K Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework that supports preschool curriculum development in Singapore and further classification to adapt towards target market.

Titles Include:

Love You By Heart (with StoryPlus)
From the intimate and unbridled love parents and caregivers have for their little ones, to the tremendous love of a lifelong friendship, and the boundless love of a grandparent -- this is a heartfelt message to share with the people we cherish; like a song we have known all our lives, we love them by heart.

Another Book About Bears (with StoryPlus)
"Have you ever wondered why there are so many books about bears?
No? Well consider this… every time you pick up a book about a bear, some poor grizzler has to jump up and perform the story for you – even if they were in the middle of something really good – like sleeping, snoozing, or napping.
And because there are so many books about bears, the bears are pooped! They’re always on call, they can never catch a break, and they’re tired of doing all the hard work. No wonder they’re grizzly. "

Be Yourself, Baba (with StoryPlus)
When Baba hopes to make friends with Hana, the most popular, smartest girl in school, his friend advises Baba to do something great in front of Hana to impress her. Baba tries to find what he is good at and to show how great he can be. Failing all attempts, Baba has difficulty dealing with his self-esteem.

Picture the Sky (with CD & StoryPlus)
Wherever we may be, we share the same sky. But every hour, every day, every season, whether in the city or the forest, it is different. The sky tells many stories: in the weather, in the clouds, in the stars, in the imagination. Renowned artist Barbara Reid brings her unique vision to a new topic – the sky around us.