Awful Agatha On The Run

Awful Agatha On The Run


The funniest character from the popular PRINCESS INCOGNITO series returns as Agatha heads off on a crazy adventure to discover if she really is awful, or not.

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Agatha swears she's not awful. She's just the toughest kid from the roughest housing estate. It's not her fault that she's really good at hitting people, especially those who make fun of her scruffy clothes and messy hair. Sometimes, she has to fight back.

But when a classroom prank goes horribly wrong, Agatha flees the school and goes on the run. She has no choice but to hide behind the spooky Cemetery Gates, where a new hairy friend saves her life. But a mysterious policeman is soon on their tail and her villainous family want her back for something truly terrifying.

It's a big decision for a 10-year-old girl to make, even if she is super tough. Should she be loyal to a strange policeman or break the law for her family?

This is the first book in the prequel trilogy to the highly popular middle grade PRINCESS INCOGNITO school series to tempt old fans and win new ones.

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