Clever Book Collection (3-book set)

Clever Book Collection (3-book set)


Fun, engaging and educational, Clever Books are hard to resist and even harder to put down!

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Product Description

- Goldilocks & The Three Bears:
A cute clever house that features a famous fairy tale story. The title is based on the innovative clever house 3D concept. Children will enjoy playing with the 3D book, and approach this gorgeous story in a more tactile, multisensory way allowing them to engage with the story on a deeper level.

- Hello Kitty Playhouse:
Genius from Kitty. A never-ending fold-over storybook playhouse. We can’t stop folding! Hello Kitty is inviting you into her home. And the scene will change with every tweak of this interactive book. Or is it a game? How exactly to describe this unique idea to all you eager Hello Kitty fans? Well, it’s a bit like a Rubik’s cube, but much less tricky (just as much fun though). It’s a chunky 3D book with moving panels that flip and fold in all directions. You can tweak it, flip the sides over or turn it right inside out. And it changes every time you fold. That’s what we call clever.

- Little Red Riding Hood:
Clever Books are packed with great illustrations, making them a perfect introduction to first words, numbers and stories. They can have a positive impact on a child’s sensory development as they encourage both visual and physical responses. Children discover their first words and numbers on a multi-sensory level, page by page, and will be quicker at starting to read and retaining knowledge.
Kids learn better when they can see, touch and do. Clever Books approach kids’ first learning in a tactile, multi-sensory way.

How to use it?
With Clever Books, children can turn, learn, fold and play over and over again as each book is made like a 3D innovative rotating tandem that makes it difficult for your children to put it down!

What are the benefits?
It increases not just your children’s sensory development, but also their rate of retention and ability to recall information and memories as they interact with both visual and physical responses. What’s even better is that your children might develop a strong interest in reading through stories and tales.