Guss’ Gutsy Adventures

Guss’ Gutsy Adventures


“Guss is a Y-shaped Bifidobacterium. He is an excellent producer of short-chain fatty acids, which act as nutrients and as signalling molecules to keep our gut and body healthy.”

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"Bifidobacteria like Guss play critical roles in keeping babies healthy. Given their roles in promoting health, Bifidobacteria are commonly found in probiotics, which are foods and supplements that help to improve gut health”
An Augmented Reality Tale of a Young Bacteria Navigating the Human Digestive SystemIn this Special Edition comic book in the bestselling World of Science series, A* STAR scientist Germaine Yong imagines the human digestive system as an exciting journey for a young bacteria named Guss. Learn about the ins and outs of our digestive system and how to stay healthy, while having fun with Guss. And, augmented reality features will bring Science learning to life and engage readers of all ages!