Picture Books (3-book Star Buy)

Picture Books (3-book Star Buy)

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Gorgeously illustrated storybooks perfect to read to children at bedtime.

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River Riddle
This is a fun, rhyming, illustrated story of the river riddle that I remember puzzling over as a child at school. A boy with a bale of hay, a sheep and a fox need to cross the river in a boat built for two. How they get to the market on the other side all in one piece, without something being sacrificed for lunch, is the focus of the story.

Tortop’s bold and colourful digital illustrations magnify the humour of Dewar’s flawless rhyming verse. The judicious use of white space and arrangement of story elements on the page and across pages heightens the reader’s sense of curiosity, and allows room for children to predict the outcome – because we all know the joy in a riddle is trying to work it out yourself!

The Love in My Heart
The Love in my Heartis a gorgeously illustrated new picture book that describes the love shared between a parent and child. The beautiful images and scenes presented bring the message alive and help to reinforce the love every parent has for their children.A fantastic book to read at bedtime.

The padded board cover and thick board pages make this book particularly appealing to little ones.

Sweet Dreams
It's nighttime in the woods, but Little Zig isn't sleepy at all... Join Big and Little Zig in a beautiful bedtime adventure, and watch as a wonderful dream world appears before their eyes.