Sabotage: My BFF Is An...

Sabotage: My BFF Is An...


How to make friends with an alien? Find out from this award-winning series.

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Shortlisted for the 2022 Hedwig Anuar Children's Book Award (middle-grade category)

Finalist for the Singapore Book Awards 2021, Best Young Persons Title Category

Nominee in the POPULAR Readers' Choice Awards 2021, English (Children) Category

The Viridians have won the war and Octavia keeps her promise to Abriana and returns to Singapore. This time she’s accompanied by a trusted General who’s tasked to ensure that Octavia—the future ruler of Viridis—is safe. When the two BFFs are together, things don’t stay calm for long. In the sequel, a chance encounter with a wild boar is captured on video by a mysterious stranger and the footage ends up on the internet... and goes viral! Who is responsible and can the BFFs get the video down before Octavia’s alien roots are revealed?