Science Adventure Plus 2024

Science Adventure Plus 2024


For 7 to 12 years old
Issues #111 to 120
New Page Count: 84 (from 68)
Imagine the perfect fusion of two of your favorite resources, Science Adventures Connect (Lower Pri) and Digest (Upper Pri), into one extraordinary publication.

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Product Description

Science Adventures PLUS is not just another magazine for Primary School Students in Singapore; it’s a gateway to the universe of science in a format that’s more engaging, informative, and interactive than ever before. Whether you’re an eager student, a dedicated educator, a lifelong learner, or simply a science enthusiast, we’ve designed this publication with you in mind. Science Adventures PLUS is the result of a carefully crafted merger, bringing together the best elements of Connect and Digest. It’s an all-encompassing resource that caters to every level of curiosity and knowledge, fostering a deep appreciation for science.