Science Adventures Magazine 2022 Box...

Science Adventures Magazine 2022 Box...


2022 Science Adventures focuses on STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics.

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Product Description

Science Adventures is an inspiring science magazine for Primary School Students in Singapore. Science Adventures Connect(for Lower Primary Students; Ages 6 to 9)

Learn about the POWER OF COMICS in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, all explained in simple language to reinforce scientific concepts.

Primary school is the best time to cultivate children's interest in science and to find out that Science is fun! Each issue, Science Adventures journeys with fascinating science stories.

A great magazine, one that young children will enjoy and deserve!

Colourful illustrations and stories are told in language that is exciting and correct, making it appropriate for your children at different levels. It's accurate, useful and conforms to the school syllabus: Energy, Interaction, Diversity, System and Cycle, Science Adventures.

Box Set consists of 10 copies.