Sir Fong’s Adventures in science...

Sir Fong’s Adventures in science...

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Full Colour edition
This book is a collaboration between the author and SynCTi: Synthetic biology for Clinical & Technological Innovations in NUS.

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The new theme park called Syn City is near its public opening. It boasts of extinct animals such as the Tasmanian tigers and the dodo birds. It also successfully changed the DNA of horses using the DNA of whales, creating the world's first unicorns.

Totto and friends are excited about visiting the park before the opening, because the CEO Dr Hena is mother of one friend. But something goes wrong quickly, and they are trapped in the theme park with disease-carrying mosquitoes and hungry Tasmanian tigers.

Synthetic biology is the study of using modern editing tools to change DNA accurately. There is a strong international interest for creating bacteria that can produce cheap and non-polluting energy, inexpensive medicine and eliminating mosquito populations. We can even produce plastic-eating bacteria to help reduce the amount of plastic waste. Like quantum physics, synthetic biology is an important future science and may usher in a new agricultural revolution affecting the way we eat and live.