World Of Science Comics: Adventures...

World Of Science Comics: Adventures...


Love Science? This is for you!
This series is based on the popular Science Adventures comic magazines by English Corner Publishing. Now collated by themes and selecting only the best of what the magazines have to offer, World of Science comics series will engage and entertain children ages 7 to 12, educating them on scientific facts and growing their love for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) themes through full-colour comics designed especially for them.
All topics covered are in line with Singapore Science syllabus for primary school, the Cambridge syllabus used in the Asia-Pacific region, and also contain beyond-the-syllabus facts, insights and knowledge that are designed to stretch the readers’ minds!

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Adventures with Great Minds is an immersive encounter with 20 of history's most influential people. How did George Stephenson's invention bring progress? Whose imagination gave us the Chinese classic, Journey to the West? What legacy did Clara Barton leave? Learn how Halley's Comet was discovered. Observe living things through the eyes of Charles Darwin. And be inspired by Helen Keller's determination. From early ocean navigators to the first man to walk on the moon, experience the genius and grit of the world's great minds as never before!